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Ariga, Rue aux Laines 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

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Ariga is a contractual cost association of lawyers, without any separate legal personality, between :

- Dodo Chochitaichvili, avenue des Tropiques, 19, 1190 Brussels, registered under company number 0840.348.513 ; and

- R.R. Feltkamp BV, Chrysantenstraat, 17, 1020 Brussel, company registration n° 898.972.442 .

The service provision to a client is based on a contractual relation with the lawyer(s) within the cost association Ariga with whom the client contracted the services, but not with Ariga or the other lawyer(s).

General terms and conditions

The services may be subject to general terms and conditions.

These general terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law and any and all disputes relating to our services shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.

In the event of a dispute between a lawyer and a consumer-client, the parties shall attempt to settle the dispute in an amicable way prior to initiating any proceedings. Should the dispute fail to be solved amicably, the consumer-client may refer the issue to the Mediator of the Bar Association of which the concerned lawyer is a member:

Fees and disbursements

We agree in advance with our clients for the service fees which vary in accordance with, among others, the experience of the lawyer, the urgency, the importance and complexity of the matter. An administrative cost may be applicable. A value added tax (VAT) is charged on all our fees.


Lawyers active within Ariga are insured for professional liability in accordance with the ethical rules.

The professional liability of the lawyers active within Ariga is covered as follows:

  • For lawyers enrolled in the Dutch-speaking association: Amlin Europe NV, Koning Albert II-laan 9 1210 Brussels as leading insurer. The insurance covers the consequences of actions committed all over the world, for activities the lawyers active with Ariga execute from their office located in Belgium. The aforementioned insurance does not apply to claims against lawyers active with Ariga lodged in the United States of America or Canada or under the laws or jurisdiction of the United States of America or Canada. More information on the insurance for professional liability can be obtained by simple request.
  • For lawyers enrolled in the French-speaking association: Ethias SA, having its registered office at Rue des Croisiers, 24, 4000 Liège. The insured amount is EUR 2,500,000 per claim. The geographical insurance cover is worldwide, to the exceptions of the United States of America and Canada.

Professional organisations and rules of conduct

All lawyers of Ariga are authorised to practice law in Belgium. Each lawyer is registered with one of the following professional organisations in Belgium:

  • Dutch-speaking Brussels Bar: The lawyers enrolled with this association are subject to the ethical rules of the Orde van Vlaamse Balies (
  • French-speaking Brussels Bar: The lawyers enrolled with this association are subject to the ethical rules of the Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone de Belgique (

Information on the ethical rules can be obtained on these websites or from these Bars.

Identification of clients

Belgian legislation and ethical rules require law firms to identify their clients, principals and beneficial owners, the aim being to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This is without prejudice to the professional secrecy which continues to apply between the lawyer and its clients. Clients undertake to provide its lawyer with all the documents necessary to comply with these rules as specified in the provided client identification form and to inform us on any change in the information provided.

Data protection

We process personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Focus Points

With a view to have an open eye on the future, we follow up on specific (legal) topics at the heart of modern businesses in transition.