Policy development

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It is common practice for companies to translate the regulatory framework applicable to them into understandable internal procedures or policies (e.g. GDPR compliance policy, AML compliance policies, Mifid compliance, REMIT or MAD compliance...).

Companies also often establish policies to inform the broader public on how they incorporate societal challenges (e.g. sustainability charters, corporate governance charters).

The challenge is to make sure that such policies are in compliance with the applicable legal framework, are appropriately structured to achieve the intended goals and can be implemented in practice.

With our expert knowledge of different specific regulatory frameworks and our longstanding expertise in drafting contracts and regulations we can support you in establishing your compliance program and policies.

We have experience in ISO certifications and can make sure you get the accreditations you need.

Focus Points

With a view to have an open eye on the future, we follow up on specific (legal) topics at the heart of modern businesses in transition.