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In the context of our transactional services we assist you with the drafting or reviewing of contracts (as a whole or specific terms).

When we take in your case, we will together with you determine your needs and find the most appropriate way forward for you.

We will e.g. see what type of document you need (contract to be drafted from scratch due to the specific needs you may have, general terms and conditions, …). Where this can be a pragmatic solution we will refer you to automated template documents which we can adapt to your needs.

If we draft an agreement we hand it over to you in draft, run through it with you and adapt it where necessary in accordance with your feedback.

We can assist you with negotiating the contract and can offer different facilities to that effect. If you prefer to negotiate your contract yourself we can help you prepare for this.

Focus Points

With a view to have an open eye on the future, we follow up on specific (legal) topics at the heart of modern businesses in transition.