R.Feltkamp on Law and justice in a sustainability context - The Shift

On 24 February 2022 R. Feltkamp was invited together with em.prof. L. Cornelis by The Shift to present their views on the 'underestimated' role of private law (revisited) in the transition to a sustainable society.

The overal purpose of the presentation was to show how private law can and should support to steer the sustainability transition by businesses.

The following points were addressed :

• The urgency of action
• The narrow relation between business activities, private law and sustainability • The (forgotten) role of private law
• Main general private law tools to tackle societal disruptions : the safeguards
• How to bring private law back on track.

The full presentation can be found here.

Focus Points

With a view to have an open eye on the future, we follow up on specific (legal) topics at the heart of modern businesses in transition.